My Tortuga Backpack – Love it!

Originally submitted at Tortuga Backpacks The Tortuga Travel Backpack 45 is a secure, carry-on bag designed exclusively for travelers, by travelers. Backpackers, international travelers, vagabonds, and study abroad students will find it perfectly suited to their needs. Carry everything you need for a one week vacation to Rome or a year-lon… Tortuga Travel Backpack 45 Perfect bag for a couple weeks in Europe By Meggerroo … Continue reading My Tortuga Backpack – Love it!

Appendectomy, Piece of Cake

Please see my previous 2 posts for the beginning of this story. I woke up with oxygen in my nose and I was shivering.  Shivering uncontrollably!  The nurse tells me to concentrate on breathing the oxygen.  It’s just a side effect of the anesthesia wearing off. In through my nose, out through my mouth, repeat… Still shaking! She reassures me it will go away soon … Continue reading Appendectomy, Piece of Cake

Rain at Swallow Falls

    On a rainy weekend in June, my friends and I went camping at Maryland’s Swallow Falls State Park.  It’s very close to Deep Creek, which I’ve been to multiple times, but I’d never been to Swallow Falls.  Now that I’ve been, I’m disappointed that I hadn’t been there sooner.  It’s very beautiful, with 4 waterfalls on an easy hiking trail.  Now if any … Continue reading Rain at Swallow Falls