Photos: Gravelly Point, Washington DC: Lots of Planes and Monuments!

Recently went to a meetup at Gravelly Point by Reagan Airport across the Potomac River from Washignton, DC.  This is a great place to go if you like to watch planes taking off and landing at the airport.  There’s also a boat ramp if you want to go boating on the Potomac and a soccer field.  Beware of the bike path, the bikers can be short with you if you’re in their way…
Thomas Jefferson Memorial and the Monument
The Capitol Dome
Thomas Jefferson Memorial & The Monument
Now leaving DCA
Rumbling down the runway
One in, One out
3 planes in a row off to who knows where?
Taking off into the Sunset
Jet Stream over Northern Virginia
Sunset at DCA
Twinkley Runway
The Tower
Coming in for a landing
The Monument at Night
Oopsy I moved the camera, but it looks cool, right?
The Capitol Dome across the Potomac River
Plane lights streaming down for a landing
The Monument across the Potomac River
The colorful DC skyline at night
Looks like Star Trek Enterprise coming in!
The Capitol through the tree branches
The End

DC Monuments Under the Full Moon

FDR Memorial

I recently joined the Mid-Atlantic Hiking Group.  I had been following their events on for a while and finally decided to attend their 4 mile Monuments in the Moonlight social hike.  They organize their hikes into groups by pace.  I was having trouble deciding which pace I should do, moderate or social?

As I was standing there at the meeting spot in the crowd of 90 people, I still wasn’t sure which group I wanted to be in.  But the leader pointed out an area for the photography group to stand.  I walked straight to that point in the grass with my new Nikon.  I didn’t realize there was going to be a photography group on this hike and I was very excited.  I had purchased a digital Nikon before my trip to Europe last month, but I had no idea how to use most of the features.

The lady that was to lead the photography group had an extra tripod that she let me use.  I hadn’t taken good pictures with a good camera properly since high school and I was excited to get back into it.  I was very lucky she had an extra tripod, as it is very hard to take good night time pictures without one.

I ended up having a blast!  It was a chilly night with a breeze, but it was clear skies with a bright moon.  A perfect night to walk around the National Mall.  The other members of the group were very helpful and taught me how to use my camera.  Without further ado, here is my attempt to get back into photography:

National Monument, Washington, DC
Thomas Jefferson Memorial and the Capitol Dome
Photography Group in the Soup Line at FDR Memorial
Korean War Memorial
Stone of Hope – MLK Memorial
Mountain of Despair – MLK Memorial
TJ Memorial
Tidal Basin & the Monument
Thomas Jefferson Memorial
Lincoln Memorial
Side Patio of the Lincoln Memorial
Full Moon and the Monument, from Lincoln Memorial
Vietnam Memorial
Vietnam Memorial and the Monument under the full moon
The National Monument
Full Moon and the National Monument
Gifts & Cafe
Lincoln Memorial