Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, NV, USA

    I recently had the pleasure of visiting Red Rock Canyon while I was in Las Vegas, Nevada.  I had always wanted to see the desert in person , so this was my first real desert experience.  It was definitely not disappointing.  All the elements I expected were there: cacti, dusty hard ground, big mountains in the distance, and lots of sunshine.  
   I did just a short hike from one of the many different parking lots throughout the park.  The information packet they give you at the entrance has a comprehensive map and list explaining all the trails.  Take heed to the difficulty levels, there are hard trails and easy trails.  If you chose to do a long hard trail, remember this is the desert and you need to pack the appropriate amount of water.  For an easier option, there are places to park and have a picnic and take a stroll.  There’s something for everyone.  
The rocks were very red!  The formation above is actually a lot bigger in person than it looks.  We saw people up there and they looked like little ants.
The road that loops through the park is awesome just for the ride.


The dust, the yucca, and the vista.



Me and the mountains that divide Nevada and California.


Pretty Mountains.  When we got closer to these mountains, we also saw tiny climbers half way up.  So there are plenty of mountains to climb for you mountaineers.


Speeding past red rocks. :o)

For more information about visiting:


I used to post my travel experiences on Travel Pod, before I started this blog.  I’m finally finishing my entries from visiting Vegas in the Spring on that blog.  In the future all posts will be on this blog.  But for now, check out my visit to the Hoover Dam! 

Be sure to read my story on travelpod, because I had a blast, but for fun I’ve posted some pictures below:

Pretty Stairs for Parking Garage
Thirsty Lake Mead (notice how low water line is)
Hoover Dam
Big New Bridge
State Line in middle of Hoover Dam
Don’t want to fall down there!
Lake Mead Overlook
I heard they had to move the marina because the water level dropped so low!