Honduras: Day Trip to San Lorenzo

Note:  This is an old post copied from my Travelpod page.  August 4, 2008 Beautiful San Lorenzo, Honduras  We woke up early at Nicole’s apartment in Nacaome.  We got ready with a backpack to share and headed down the street to the market, where we could grab breakfast and catch the bus.  We ate some black bean and egg burritos and jumped on the San … Continue reading Honduras: Day Trip to San Lorenzo

Arriving in Nacaome, Honduras

August 3, 2008: After a 3 hour bus ride from Tegucigalpa, we arrived at Nacaome.  I jumped off the bus into a busy street full of people selling roasted corn and water.  As I took my first couple steps I realized the streets are littered with trash and flip flops were not a good choice.   Dirt and Dust after the market stands have shut down … Continue reading Arriving in Nacaome, Honduras

Flying into Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Note: I’m copying some old posts over from my travelpod page.  This is from August 2, 2008: View from our room. I flew into Tegucigalpa forgetting all the news several months prior regarding issues at the airport.  Supposedly planes used to fly off the run way by accident.  So as the plane navigated the hills/mountains of Honduras on the approach to the Teguc airport, I … Continue reading Flying into Tegucigalpa, Honduras

A Road Less Traveled: Southern Honduras

Southern Honduras is on the Pacific coast and doesn’t draw a fraction of the crowd of the Caribbean coast, but that just makes it more appealing!  Twinkle your toes on a quiet sandy beach, just you and the Pacific!  To get to the towns in Southern Honduras, it’s just four or more hours on a bus.  If you’ve been to Central America you’ve seen these … Continue reading A Road Less Traveled: Southern Honduras