Snorkeling in Thailand

While in Thailand, snorkeling is a must!  In Koh Lanta, there’s a couple different trips you can take to go snorkeling.  I signed up for the Four Islands Tour, which includes a trip to the Emerald Cave.  I’d actually never been snorkeling before.  In Thailand, there’s always a choice between speed boat or slow old fashioned Thai boat.  If you really want to cover some … Continue reading Snorkeling in Thailand

Quaint Little Pai

The road to Pai from Chiang Mai is very windy through the mountains with a lot of switchbacks.  I was riding in a mini van with a bunch of other backpackers going the same place.  The Thai driver was very funny.  When we saw water buffalo crossing the road, he said “Oh!  Thailand Elephant with tallons!”  And the next time we saw a dog in … Continue reading Quaint Little Pai

Spending the Night with Asian Elephants I recently had the great pleasure of visiting and spending the night at the Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai, Thailand.  I recommend any one going to Thailand visit this park.  Do not go to any other park where they force elephants, tigers, etc to do unnatural things for your entertainment.  Just come to this park and interact with happy rescued elephants.  Information about … Continue reading Spending the Night with Asian Elephants