Free Resources – Discovered While Genealogying

The Library of Congress has some great online resources… they have far more resources still just in paper form, but they have made great strides in scanning or organizing important pieces of our history online.  In doing my own genealogy research, I would often get sidetracked.. clicking through the volumes of resources available.

This collection at the link below is a project completed in the 1930’s where they collected thousands of oral histories from former slaves.  It’s fascinating to read through and see their dialect portrayed in the writing.

You can also buy certain volumes of this project for your Kindle on Amazon.

My Folks Don’t Want Me To Talk About Slavery: Personal Accounts of Slavery in North Carolina (Real Voices, Real History)

Slave Narratives Arkansas Vol 3 (Arkansas Slave Narratives) Kindle Edition – Click picture below

More to come.

DIY Cleaning Products – Where to get the Ingredients?

My healthy Pinterest addiction has led me to discover things I’m interested in and how simple it is to DO IT YOURSELF sometimes.  I thought it would be fun to share all the different recipes I’ve found to make your own cleaning products.  You can save so much money if you buy a few basic items from the dollar store and Costco.

Spray Bottles

I go to Dollar Tree for a lot of basics, such as spray bottles, brand new, clean and ready to use for only a dollar!  We use these all over the house with our homemade cleaning products.  I hate having to run across the house to search for the all surface
cleaning spray, with dollar store spray bottles, I keep bottles of cleaning products needed in each room of the house.  It’s much cheaper than buying bottles of name brand cleaning products for every room of your house.

Dollar Tree Scrub Buddies

In the same area for cleaning tools, where you find the spray bottles, you find all the scrubbing devices.  I buy the above scrubbing buddy from Dollar Tree because for only a dollar I can be really rough on them and it doesn’t hurt the pocket to replace one.  You can also get dust pans, brooms, and mops there.  So many options for a fraction of the price at the local grocery store or even Walmart.

There are other items, you have to go to Dollar General for, because Dollar Tree only sells items for $1 and some things just can’t be bought that cheap.  Dollar General sells items over a dollar, such as Borax.  I just got a big box of Borax at Dollar General the other week for $4.  Not everything at a dollar store is a good deal though.  The containers of products are often smaller than at the regular grocery store, so your probably paying the same price per unit on certain items.


I go to Costco for items like Vinegar where you can get a 1.32 gallon jug of Heinz Vinegar for $3.29.  You can’t beat that at the dollar store.

Another item you should only buy at a warehouse store like Costco, is paper products.  Paper towels, toilet paper, paper plates, tissues, etc.  The quality of their paper products are very competitive and you can’t beat the price.  If you buy dollar store paper towel after getting Costco paper towel by their store brand Kirkland, the dollar store paper towel will be very dissapointing!  Smaller rolls and thinner less absorbant paper.

OK so last but not least, Amazon Prime. Amazon Prime deserves it’s own post because it’s so huge and useful. Stay tuned.