Baby’s First Pumpkin Patch

I was very excited to take 11 month old Siobhan to her first Pumpkin Patch.  She can’t quite walk yet, but she can crawl.

Hay Baby

There was a barn full of loose hay and hay bales for the kids to play on.  I took Siobhan to the corner where other babies were sitting and she really didn’t like it!  She sat there for a minute looking very confused and uncomfortable.  Then she started to gag and cough!  I freaked out for a second and pulled her out quickly.  She had choked on all the dust stirred up by all the big kids running around.  So we moved on.

20141012_140753 20141012_140809

We wanted to get a cute picture of her standing against the measurement sign, but she did not want to stand!  Usually she loves to stand and hold on to things, but I guess not on demand.


I think this crazy pumpkin wanted to eat my baby!


Baby’s first ghost encounter!  Just in time for halloween.


She LOVES to wave Hello to people.  Who can resist a baby waving to them?


Artsy hay bale shot!

20141012_142230 20141012_142257

I found a pyramid of stacked hay bales out in the open.  A lot less dust!  But she still wasn’t very interested in the texture.  But she sat and pondered the Pumpkin Festival for a while.


The goat greeted her to see if she had food and moved on.  She checked him out for a while probably wondering what he was.


The piggies were super cute!  But Siobhan was starting to fade at this point, so we headed back to re-group with Dad and Sister.


Since we skipped the hay ride, she got a ride on daddy’s shoulders while we went into the Butler’s Orchard store to get apple cider and fresh farm milk.   The Butler’s Orchard Pumpkin Festival has a ton of things to do for children of all ages.  There were a couple huge slides, moon bounce, mazes and pony rides.  Siobhan and I just did baby stuff, but the bigger kids definitely get the bang for their buck.  I look forward to taking her back when she’s older to enjoy the other activities.  I guess she should learn to walk before she rides a pony.

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