Life with a 10 Month Baby

Siobhan is 10 months and she loves to crawl.  She says, “Uh Oh” all the time!  And she loves to eat all food, as long as it’s chopped up to baby size.


We attended her Nana’s wedding and she had a ball crawling around the reception.  During the wedding ceremony she got very upset when everyone clapped and cheered at the end.


This is her pre-wedding nap.  We let her sleep till the last minute so she would make it through the event.  20140907_110749

Siobhan enjoys riding in my hiking backpack.  She enjoys the sways of my footsteps and hums along as she enjoys the scenery.  20140907_142810

On football sundays, we like to spread out snacks on the coffee table.  Turns out, with only 2 teeth, Siobhan can munch down a hot dog!  She also took a jalapeño popper and sucked out all the cheese, avoiding the pepper.  20140831_195529

One of her favorite toys is this chair that plays music, but she doesn’t sit on the chair, she stands on the chair and has a blast.20140824_180706

Her first artificial color mess from eating a blue italian ice with me.  I can’t eat one around her without sharing now, she’ll come up and grunt and look yearningly at it.20140824_191840

I took her on an after dinner stroll to the local elementary school so she could crawl across America!

Siobhan loves her Cheerios!  When she starts to get full, she throws them on the ground and if I don’t clean them up, she will come back and find them and eat them later.  She’s also developed a habit of crawling up to her high chair and checking the footrest for snacks… All this has turned me into a much more avid cleaner than I ever was before.  Maybe that’s a good thing.  🙂

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