Snorkeling in Thailand

While in Thailand, snorkeling is a must!  In Koh Lanta, there’s a couple different trips you can take to go snorkeling.  I signed up for the Four Islands Tour, which includes a trip to the Emerald Cave.  I’d actually never been snorkeling before.  In Thailand, there’s always a choice between speed boat or slow old fashioned Thai boat.  If you really want to cover some ground, take a speed boat.  Going fast on the water is always fun!

Speed Boat


In Koh Lanta, the speed boats pull straight up to the different beaches along the island and pick up their passengers from their hotel fronts.  I was the first one on my boat so I got to see all the beaches and hotels along the coast where my fellow passengers were staying.

Slow Boats

We sped past the slow Thai boats.  I had taken a slow boat on my  Mangrove Tour on the other side of the island.

Koh Lanta Coast

I took notes on where some bungalows with a view were located. 🙂

Snorkeling Cove

At our first stop, I eagerly hopped in the water.  I believe this island was called Ko Ngai.  The coral and fishes were not as impressive as the places I went scuba diving, but they had their own laid back charm.  It was extremely relaxing to drift in the cool clear water and admire the coast lines of the various small islands and observe the quiet habitats of the tropical fish.

Snorkeling coral


At one point, the guys on my boat threw leftover rice in the water and the fish swarmed me.  It was really cool!  But not a good idea for people who get claustrophobic.

Swarm of Fish


I’m very glad I chose to do a snorkel trip.  It was very laid back and a great way to see the different islands.

Back of Boat