Time For Lime, Cooking in Thailand

Thai Food

I decided to take a break from ocean activities for a day and go to a Thai cooking school while I was in Koh Lanta.  Time For Lime is the cooking school to go to on the island.  Proceeds from the school go to support an animal shelter on the island where you can go volunteer and take dogs for walks on the beach.


The cooking school is on the beach and has this amazing view.  The school also has a beach front bar which you have full access to while cooking to purchase drinks.


One of the first things is called Taste of Thailand.  You take a leaf and mix all the primary flavors used in Thai dishes in the leaf and eat it.  It’s super yummy!  Some of the items are: chili, lime, onion, garlic, dried shrimp, honey, peanut, and one more thing in the far bowl in the picture above… can’t remember what it was.  I had a couple Taste of Thailand leaf tacos because they were so tasty and my appetite was getting warmed up.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Here is my work station.  The knife was a bit intimidating but the teacher showed us how it’s the only knife you need.  They had them for sale at the shop and I thought about buying one but they were pricey and didn’t want the weight in my backpack.


The teacher demonstrates the ingredients preparation and then the class follows suit.  We started with making a simple fish dish.  The primary work being in the preparation of the sauce.  An assistant cooked all our filets for us and flash fried basil for garnish as well.  We prepared the sauce.


Here I am with my knife.  Look out!  Me and the brits in my class were pounding back the beers during class.


The teacher’s dish is presented on the above and mine is below.  I think I made chicken instead of fish for some reason.  Fun part was plating.  I’d never played around with plating on leaves and sculpting rice before.  Also, I would like to get some wooden planks to use at home, because I think it give the food a natural appearance.


This is how you make Green Papaya Salad.  Chop up long beens and they grated the papaya for us, but the secret was in the sauce.


Here I am making pad thai, which has some strict methodology.  You only swipe the egg 3 times: left, right, and down and then let it cook.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHere is my pad thai and green papaya salad plated.  It was super yummy!  And I had a lot of fun drinking at the bar with my classmates afterwords.  I wanted to come back again for another class before I left the island, but they’re super popular and classes fill up in advance.  All in all this class was one of the most unexpected things on my trip.  I didn’t plan to cook or take a class, but I’m so glad I did!  I would highly recommend this cooking experience to everyone and anyone!

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