Pregnancy: 34 Weeks


This week I’ve been coping with headaches and lower back pains.

Sometimes the nerves in my lower back feel pinched and I have to walk funny.  The other day I hobbled off the metro but was able to walk it off by the time I got to my office.  I dont think I do the pregnant lady waddle yet.

The excitement is building!  Cant wait to see how big my baby will be.  To see her eyes and hair and nose.  To hear her voice… crying and screaming… but none the less cant wait to hear it.

For my family to meet their newest member.  For my grandmother with dimensia to meet her youngest great grandchild.

I’m eager to learn how to be a mom.  Some ladies at work said raising a daughter is a wonderful experience and she can turn into your best friend.

I’ll be almost 50 years old when this girl finishes high school and that blows my mind.  It hard to imagine myself at that age and also that I’ll be raising a person from birth to adulthood during that period of time.

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