Pregnancy: 33 Weeks


This is a 3D sonogram picture from my 31 week doctor appointment.  Its a great shot of my little girl smiling. 

I am currently 33 weeks pregnant.   My feet are swollen and I have aches all over.  Seems everywhere I go now people ask me when I’m due.  They all shake their heads looking at the size of my tummy and wish me luck.

Last weekend I slept 16 hours both nights with a break for breakfast in the middle.  My body is working hard and I can feel it.  Its a good tired feeling because its for something amazing. 

My boyfriend has been very supportive throughout the pregnancy.   He buys me prenatal vitamins, rubs my feet whenever I ask, and indulges my food cravings.  He’s been helpful at keeping me calm because he’s been through this before.

My baby kicks and moves often.  Sometimes I wake up and my stomach looks lopsided.  It makes me smile.  I cant wait to hold her in my arms.