Pai Canyon in Pai!

Let’s start from the beginning.  When I hired a private driver to show me all the major sites of Pai… I didn’t know I was going to see this!

Here’s the beginning.  My driver opens the door for me and points up this ramp.  He says walk up 200 meter and you see the canyon.  I just turned and started walking with no real idea of what to expect.  When I got to the top and realized what it was, I said out loud, “Oh my fucking God!”

DSCN4944This is where I really started cursing.  On both sides of the narrow path are sheer drops!  No railing, no safety harness!  Nothing!  I was in my sandals .. and I just sort of scuffled in a circle and went back…


This is a view of where that path leads.  This canyon makes a circle.  I decided to try going in the other direction.  My vertigo was kicking in full force.


As I walked along the right side of the ring around the canyon, which is a much wider path, I saw a girl walking along the other scary side!


This is a picture of the right side, the narrow part right there isn’t so scary because the drop off to the right was shallow.  But I still shuffled carefully in my flippy flops.


Along the right side of the ring you are provided with great views of the valley of Pai.  I tried to focus on this temple in the distance.  It was just beautiful!

Another shot of the other scary side…


At the end of the trail, it started dropping down to a bridge that connects you to the other side… and this is where I happily turned around.

No thank  you!  I was done.

I have a few friends who would have totally walked the full ring and you all know who you are, but that’s just not me!


And back at the main entrance to the canyon is a sort of look-out tower, so here’s a pic of me enjoying the view!

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