Walking Around Chiang Mai – Part 1

Chiang Mai is a great city to go for a walk.  The old city has a square moat and ruins of a wall around it.  Within the old city there are roads and little side streets called Sois.  Every day I go for a walk and discover something new here.  Image

This poor dragon statue is split down the middle, but it makes a pretty cool effect.Image

Found the Starbucks and all the westerners were chillin inside.  Image

This Tattoo shops sign was almost pretty enough to convince me to get one!  There are lots of tattoo shops to choose from.  And I’m told you can even get an old fashioned one done with bamboo by a monk.Image

Beautiful gate to one of the many temples in the city.Image

I often find myself drinking a Leo on a sidewalk cafe table watching the world go by.  There are 4 beers to choose from: Leo, Chang, Singha, and Tiger.  Chang is called a lottery beer, because it can have anywhere from 6-11% alcohol, every batch is different!Image

Corner of the moat near my hostel.  Do not go swimming in the moat.  People do all sorts of things like pee and throw trash in there.  Just giving you fair warning.  Image

This is the Soi near my house that has my favorite breakfast place called Breakfast World.  They have German, English, and American style breakfasts.  It’s super yummy and I always order too much food!Image

In Thailand, you see elephants every where you go.  I really like these elephant statues in particular.  They’re facing the moat.  Image

This is the Tha Phae Gate.  All the gates have names and they help you find your way home.Image

One of the many beautiful shiny temples.  Image

Pretty designs on the side of a temple.ImageThis statue is awesome.  It’s a lizard eating a dragon, guarding the entrance to a temple.

I have lots more pictures from Chiang Mai that I’ll post later.  Tomorrow I’m hiking up a 1400 meter mountain to see a temple and then biking down to a hill tribe village on a lake for lunch.  Hope I make it that far!

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