New York City – Day 2, Morning

I woke up a bit groggy from my big bottle of Belgian beer the night before.  I got dressed and wandered down to the courtyard for my complimentary breakfast.  It consisted of: Bagel, 1 butter, 1 jelly, 1 Apple, and unlimited coffee.

I sat down at an empty picnic table and began to spread my jam on my bagel when a girl came up and asked if anyone was sitting next to me.  I shook my head and she sat down directly next to me on the bench of the empty picnic.

I snickered to myself because I thought it was odd behavior to not spread out, but we began to talk and I decided she wasn’t so much of a weirdo after all.  She was from Germany and had been to America before.  She had lived in Texas for a year on an exchange program.  So she had just finished revisiting them and was stopping in NYC for a week on her way back home.

She had done what I was planning to do this day already.  So I picked her brain about the 9/11 memorial and the Met.  She told me about a Tenement Museum downtown that sounded very interesting as well.  However, this museum is still on my to-do list.  She was headed to MoMa, so I bid her farewell and headed out to the subway to get to the Met.

I was given directions by the Subway lady to what I thought was the Met, but as I walked up the stairway from the station I realized she had sent me to MoMa.  I guess all the art museums are the same to the subway lady.  So I walked 30 blocks north along Fifth Avenue, taking pictures the whole way.

I walked by the Plaza Hotel and the Central Park Zoo before I finally arrived at my final destination.  The Met.  I had never been before, but I knew what was here.  The biggest and best collection of my favorite classic artists: Monet, Manet, Picasso, Renoir, Van Gogh, Rembrandt, Matisse, etc.  I walked past the voluntary contribution line and headed straight to the Monet section on the 2nd floor.  I walked around taking cell phone pictures of myself with all the greats!

I had a blast and then I decided I was hungry and it was lunch time.  So I went down to the wine bar restaurant in the Met and had myself a fancy salad and fancy glass of wine.  As I was eatting my lunch, I remembered that my friend had recently been to an event on rooftop of the Met, so I looked on the map and saw where it showed an elevator to the rooftop terrace.

After my delicious meal, I hopped on the elevator to the roof and discovered a beautiful mirrored sculpture with stairs cutting through, so you could walk around like in an Escher picture.  I got another glass of wine at the rooftop bar and strolled around the veranda gazing across the park at the Manhattan skyline.

As I looked across the treetops and glanced around at the people my age here with friends, and I began to imagine myself becoming a New Yorker myself…  It’s not that far-fetched; I am having my 30 year crisis.  🙂

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