New York City – Day 1

Saturday August 11, 2012 12:45AM

New York City

I arrived in NYC with excitement, anticipating a jungle of activity and was immediatley underwhelmed.  Well the city that never sleeps can look kind of sleepy if you’re not on the right block or in the correct bar.  So I just walked to my hostel in Chelsea and checked in.


Made quick friends with a girl from Argentina.  She used the word “wicked” and I asked her if she’d been up to Boston.  Haha, she had been living in Maine and was on her way home after a 2 month stay.  She was very tired from a difficult journey just getting from Portland to New York, we discussed grabbing a drink, but she really just wanted water and bed so she could continue her journey to the southern hemisphere the next day.  Poor thing…

I sprawled out in my private room, blasted the AC and relaxed for a bit trying to dry out from the humidity.  Ugh!  I finally got up and headed out for a night cap.  I tried to walk in one bar but they had just decided to close, so I walked around the long block and saw gay clubs and a busy irish dive bar, but kept going.  I was way too sober to catch up with these crowds.  It was midnight on a friday and these New Yorkers were blasted…

So I found a corner market and bought myself a bottle of Delerium Tremens for super cheap and I now plan on drinking it before I go hang out with the guys hanging out on the hostel stoop. 

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