Honduras: Day Trip to San Lorenzo

Note:  This is an old post copied from my Travelpod page.  August 4, 2008

Beautiful San Lorenzo, Honduras

 We woke up early at Nicole’s apartment in Nacaome.  We got ready with a backpack to share and headed down the street to the market, where we could grab breakfast and catch the bus.  We ate some black bean and egg burritos and jumped on the San Lorenzo bus.  We also bought some lychees on the bus.  Yummy!

We got to San Lorenzo about an hour later.  It was very hot and we had a good 8-10 blocks to walk to get to the water front.  Nicole was able to get a hold of her friend that lived in this town with her cell phone.  So we stopped by her house and I was able to see how other Corp kids live.  She agreed to come have lunch by the water with us, so we headed out. 
Lunch on the water

On the way, we stopped at an ATM, which was inside a little room with Air Conditioning!  OMG, it was amazing!  So we lingered in there for a minute, before we finished our walk to the water.  Throughout the town there are cute statues of sea creatures, like Shrimp and Sea Horses.  

We ate at a cute restaurant on the water, sitting on the dock hiding under the shade of a palm leaf umbrella.  We ate shrimp and fish and they filled me in on the town gossip and goings ons.  The food was amazing by the way! 

After lunch we walked back towards the highway to catch the bus back to Nacaome.  The bus stop was very dirty, like everywhere else, but we were tired, so we sat on the curb anyways, surrounded by corn cobs, empty water bags, lychee shells, and various other articles of garbage. 

We got back to Nacaome with a bit of sunlight left, but headed back to Nicole’s to make dinner.   We ate and drank wine and listened to the rain on the tin roof, and passed out!

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