Arriving in Nacaome, Honduras

August 3, 2008:

After a 3 hour bus ride from Tegucigalpa, we arrived at Nacaome.  I jumped off the bus into a busy street full of people selling roasted corn and water.  As I took my first couple steps I realized the streets are littered with trash and flip flops were not a good choice.  
Dirt and Dust after the market stands have shut down for the day.
We walked 3 blocks to her apartment, which is above a hardware store.  The family that owns the hardware store also lives on the 2nd floor, but they rent half of the floor to Nicole.  There’s a nice courtyard in the middle of the house dividing the 2 sides like an ancient Greek house or something.
Nicole’s open-air apartment.
After dropping my things off, we immediatly headed over to the futbal field by the river to watch a futbal game (soccer).  During the game, a herd of cows were ushered down the sideline.  A calf in the herd runs out to get the soccer ball at one point and both teams have to chase the little cow back off the field.  It was so funny! 
The River by Nacaome.

After the game, we walked back through the town and back to her apartment.  Each night we were safe in her apartment before dark.  It’s not safe for anyone to walk about at night.  
Pigs wander the streets and eat scraps of trash.
 Nicole made me a simple meal of mac n cheese out of the box and we sat around drinking wine and listening to the rain on her tin roof.  It pretty much rained every night after sunset for about an hour.  We then moved into her living room where she has cable TV and A/C!  Watched some Simpsons in English and went to bed.

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