Flying into Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Note: I’m copying some old posts over from my travelpod page.  This is from August 2, 2008:
View from our room.
I flew into Tegucigalpa forgetting all the news several months prior regarding issues at the airport.  Supposedly planes used to fly off the run way by accident.  So as the plane navigated the hills/mountains of Honduras on the approach to the Teguc airport, I was just enjoying the view.  As soon as the plane was rolling down the runway, the entire plane full of people started to clap!  I was a little surprised, because it’s not normal to clap after landing.  Usually the plane lands and there’s no call for clapping.  But the Honduran next to me explained that sometimes the plane doesn’t get the landing right on the first time and they have to fly up and around and try again…  

I waited an hour to get through customs and then Nicole met me at the gate. We walked out of the airport and down the street a ways to catch a cheaper cab.  The cabs sitting outside the airport will rip you off.

Marriott Pool

We spent the night in Teguc at the Marriott.  Nicole enjoyed the hot showers.  We ate dinner at El Patio, which was very yummy.

Shopping District of Tegucigalpa, Honduras
The next day we caught the bus to Nacaome.  This was my first bus ride in Honduras and I was a little nervous.  The bus looked like it was straight out of 50’s america.  There were raggedy curtains on the windows and worn out vinyl seats.  As we sat on the bus waiting for it to be time to leave, people would walk by the windows outside or walk on to the bus trying to sell bags of water, sliced mangoes, lychees, sunglasses, or quesadillas(corn meal cookies). 

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