From the ER to the OR

My journey began in my last post called, Spaghetti and Pepto for those who want to catch up.

It’s getting late in the ER and so far I’ve only given a blood and urine sample.  A very painful blood sample if I might add.  The nurse or aide that tried to get a vein couldn’t find one.. destroying my left arm.  So a very nice ER doctor came in and got a vein right away on my right arm.

The ER doctor started asking me questions about my symptoms and then she started pressing on my stomach.

Does this hurt?

No… No… No… YESS!

She pressed all over my stomach and finally pushed down right over my appendix.  It hurt so bad I sat up in the hospital bed and my eyes bugged out a little bit, but not like that scary lady with the bug eyes in that commercial.  She shook her head and said I was going to need a CT.

In my mind I got excited because I was finally getting to do all those things the patients do on the TV show House.  My first CT and I’m excited… I guess I’m kind of a dork like that.

It wasn’t exactly like the one on the show.  The machine was shaped like a big huge plastic donut, with a bed that slides through the hole.  I think this machine was designed to make claustrophobians more comfortable.  The x-ray tech lets me know that whatever he’s injected into my arm is going to make me feel very warm in my nether regions like I peed my pants.  But he assured me that I wouldn’t actually pee my pants.

Well he was right.  I was lying there alone in the CT room while he’s off in the control room and I was trying to hold back my giggles.  It really did feel warm down there… like I had an accident!  My laughter turned into snickers and then I was instructed to hold my breath for the scan.  He wheeled me back to my room in the ER and I shared my fun times with my poor sleepy mom.

At this point, it’s past 1 AM.  Way past my mom’s bed time.  But I’m very lucky to have a mom that cares enough to make me walk into the hospital in the first place and then keep me company through the whole experience.  I probably would have been a lot more nervous about the whole thing if I had been alone.

Then the surgeon on call walks in.  He’s a very friendly smiley guy.  His smile made me relax.  I realized that it’s part of his job to make me feel comfortable, so I don’t run away screaming from surgery.  I tell my story of the symptoms again and he pushes on my appendix.  Ouch.  He explains the surgery and how he’s going to give me a laparoscopy.  Only 3 small incisions: 1 on side of belly, 1 in belly button, 1 on bikini line.

I was getting kind of gitty from staying awake so late at this point.  For some reason, I thought it would be a good idea to send a quick email to some close friends, letting them know that I was going into surgery and that if anything went wrong that I loved them.

Around 3 AM or so I get wheeled off to prep for surgery and my mom, poor thing, got escorted to the surgery waiting room.  Last thing I remember is talking to some nurses and my anesthesiologist on the operating table..Wow that’s a big light…it’s cold in hereZzzzzz

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