Agricultural History Farm Park

My Dad and his dog Sammy

The Agricultural History Farm Park is actually my dad’s favorite place to walk his dog.  The park has 4.7 miles of natural surface trails that wind around corn fields and grassy meadows.

The grounds have a historic farm house, several outbuildings and barns, as well as an activity center. There is plenty of parking and you
can even park your horse trailer.
Garden near the farm house
This park is also well known for their community events.  Every year they have a Harvest Festival in October where they display farm history and provide family fun events.  Also, in the spring they have the  Gas and Steam Engine Show for those interested in antique farming methods and tractors.  They have several other events throughout the year and you can get more information from the website
listed at the bottom of this article.
Some Historic Machine for Farming

In general, it’s a great place to take a walk if you like wide open spaces!  The fields are on gentle hills that keep you going so you can see what’s on the other side.  Very relaxing place to take a walk and a great place if you don’t like wooded trails.

For more information about this location and trail maps, please visit:

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