Black Rock – Not Just a Song

Seneca Creek

Hello OAR fans!  Yes, today I went hiking at the actual place that OAR sings about.  They went to high school in my area and Black Rock is a beautiful area for hikers.  The trail that runs past Black Rock Mill is called the Seneca Creek Greenway Trail.

My Hiking Buddy

    Seneca Creek Greenway Trail is over 16 miles long, running across Montgomery County, Maryland, ending at Riley’s Lock on the Potomac River.  It has many parking areas along the way, so you can pick up the trail anywhere you want.  I’ve been working on covering all the sections and with the help of my favorite hiking buddy, we’ll get her done this fall.

    Black Rock is a mill next to Seneca Creek.  The ruins are pretty well preserved… minus the roof, floors, and windows.  It’s a pretty spot by the creek with a rope setup from a tree, just waiting for the kids to come swing and splash around on a hot Maryland day.  I highly recommend this spot to locals who haven’t been there before.  Bring a picnic and make a day of it!

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