Election judging. Never again.

So my friend talked me into becoming an election judge this year. Little did I know how hard election day would be!

I went through the training with no problem. I thought it would be a piece of cake and it was. The system is almost dummy proof.

What I failed to think about were the voters and the trouble they would cause. OMG. Who are these people that live in my neighborhood?  Really. Really? 

Election day is a LONG day for the volunteers.  I had to show up at my polling location at 6am…  It’s dark and I’m sleepy.  We setup and get to our stations..

The day goes on and things are fine until the afternoon.  I can’t go into detail for sure about what was happening, but it was like curve balls from every direction.  A voter left a political flyer on the check-in desk and went back to a voting booth.  Immediatly this guy walks up and starts yelling at all of the volunteers that we have to be more careful and all this mumbo jumbo about democracy and unfair polling location… So I picked up the stupid piece of paper and walked to the trash can threw it away and sat down.  Meanwhile, the other volunteer explained that we’re volunteers doing our best and he doesn’t need to treat us like dirt and so on. 

Oi!  So then a republican watcher shows up and these people are registered and are allowed to sit behind the people checking in voters and watch.  He sitting there for a while just watching, doing his crossword and seemed like nice guy.  Then this man and woman walk in and they nod at him and then they start yelling at us when they’re not in the system correctly and we informed them they have to use paper ballot.  After huffing and puffing they nod to the watcher and he walks them out… Nice show people!

The icing on the cake is when this guy has to fill out a paper ballot, because of the same mishap the system had this year for many voters, from both political parties, starts talking about a conspiracy against him.  He tried to mess with the paperwork at my station and was ranting about how we don’t want his vote to count.  He almost walked out without casting his vote, but I asked him to put his vote in the confidential vote bag thingy.  And then he stormed out and yelled at me that he was coming back with more of his people. 

I took that a bit personally, so the chief judge called it in and we had a police officer oversee our poll through closing and he walked us to our cars.  Thank God!

Never again.