Spring Has Arrived

Spring has arrived and it’s still tax season. This happens every year and it’s torture! All of you are jumping out of work early to go enjoy the warm weather with friends, while I’m stuck at work late every night doing taxes. It’s cool, I’ll make up for lost time at 4pm on April 15th. The problem with playing catch up, is that you usually try to catch up too quickly and end up in trouble. I’m still working on this art.

I watched Mama Mia today and it only made me want to travel in Europe more! In case you haven’t seen the movie, it takes place on a small Greek island. It’s so beautiful! :o( Meanwhile, I’m fighting over red staplers every day at work. And so it goes…

Nightmare before Pie Day

A friend of mine just flew to London yesterday. She’s going on a 6 month jaunt through Europe and I’m fostering her 2 cats. I already have a cat, so now I’m a cat lady with 3 cats! When she gets back she gets to become the cat lady while I wander the world, but for now I’m here in Maryland, working at an accounting firm, preparing taxes, and yeah..

So this is my contra-blog to Diana’s fabulous trip around the world blog!

If you want to read about cool foreign exotic stuff: http://dtravelsround.com/
By the way, that’s me in the picture in Baltimore, on an exotic trip to an accounting conference last summer! Woo hoo!