DIY Cleaning Products – Where to get the Ingredients?

My healthy Pinterest addiction has led me to discover things I’m interested in and how simple it is to DO IT YOURSELF sometimes.  I thought it would be fun to share all the different recipes I’ve found to make your own cleaning products.  You can save so much money if you buy a few basic items from the dollar store and Costco. Spray Bottles I … Continue reading DIY Cleaning Products – Where to get the Ingredients?

Snorkeling Cove

Snorkeling in Thailand

While in Thailand, snorkeling is a must!  In Koh Lanta, there’s a couple different trips you can take to go snorkeling.  I signed up for the Four Islands Tour, which includes a trip to the Emerald Cave.  I’d actually never been snorkeling before.  In Thailand, there’s always a choice between speed boat or slow old fashioned Thai boat.  If you really want to cover some … Continue reading Snorkeling in Thailand