Fitness for Busy Moms!

Are you a busy mom?  Not enough time to go to the gym like you used to?  Yeah, Me Too!  I can help you get back into shape with all the time-saving methods I’ve learned.

Step 1: Identify your fitness goals and write them down.  Try to make short term goals that are more specific, such as walk 30 minutes everyday or fit into my size 16 jeans again.

Step 2: Establish a system of ACCOUNTABILITY!  Keep yourself honest and on track with your goals.   My accountability comes from my challenge groups.

Step 3: Clean the pantry and stock up on healthy clean foods.  No more processed junk for you or the kids!  They are watching you, it’s time to set a good example for them.

Step 4: How will you fit in your daily exercise?  And what exercise program will you do?

For me, I started doing a 30 minute per day workout with a daily shake to help support my nutrition.  I also had to make a huge push to drink more water!  It really is so important to maintain your energy to make the changes you need to make for yourself!

Join My Challenge Group


Once you choose your workout program, I will assign you to a Challenge Group.  A challenge group is a small team that is formed by me as your coach.  The purpose of the team is to get support from me as your coach.  Each day I will motivate you, keep you accountable and give nutrition tips.  You also converse with the other teammates each day of your challenge and root each other on!

If you’re interested in joining a fitness challenge group of mine, please sign up below.


Our Challenge Packs are a step above the rest when it comes to fitness and exercise programs.  You can choose our All-Access OnDemand service or from a variety of top notch DVD workout programs that can be done at home. These programs range from beginner to expert and accommodate every level in-between. Choose the right level for you to start out at and set your own pace. You can start out with just 10 minutes a day and work your way up to 90 minutes a day using this easy system. Choose from cardio, strength training, speed and agility, or zone specific workouts, you can even combine these to find the perfect workout mixture. Every workout program comes with an easy to keep up with calendar so you will know exactly which workout to do and what day to do it on.

Shakeology Nutritional Drinks are one of the key components used during the Challenge Group. Shakeology is a nutrient dense effective supplement mix to help you achieve sustainable weight loss, while at the same time increasing your energy and making you as healthy as you can be. Shakeology is composed of over 70 naturally occurring ingredients with a high nutrient density and is packed full of whole-food sources from around the globe. There is no other product on the market that can beat the health benefits of Shakeology Shakes. Shakeology fills their drink mix with protein, amino acids, vitamins and minerals that are essential to a healthy body and mind.

Benefits of Shakeology

-Weight loss
-Providing you with a feeling of fullness to curb those cravings for sweets and junk food
-Increased energy
-Improved digestion
-Supports a healthy immune system
-Improved cardiovascular health
-Can be used for meal replacement, making it your healthiest meal of the day!

What matters the very most is the END RESULTS that you will obtain.  You will be happy, fit and healthy!!  It is easy to join one of my Challenge Groups! All you need to do is purchase your preferred Challenge Pack through my Beachbody coach website!